CSA Field Evaluation

Canada Field Evaluation
CSA SPE-1000
Electrical Safety Inspections Canada wide

Need fast and efficient product approval?
Attesta provides best-in-class Field Evaluations to ensure your
product meets applicable CSA Codes and Standards..

CSA SPE-1000 Field Evaluations by Attesta

Our Field Evaluation / Special Inspection process offers Canadian standards approval for your products, done to the CSA SPE-1000 Model Code.

Field Evaluation is an alternative form of product approval in Canada, which allows for a faster and more cost effective product approval process when there are limited quantities involved.

Products that are found to meet all applicable requirements are labelled on the spot.

CSA Field Evaluation

Product Approval anytime, anywhere...

In the initial design stage and need to understand compliance requirements?

We can conduct a review of your design documents prior to equipment build. This can save the need to make product revisions later on.

Want the inspection at the point of manufacture?

We can come to the equipment assembly location and evaluate your product before you ship it to the final destination. In case any revisions are needed, you can take care of them in your shop prior to shipment.

Equipment already at the final location?

We can come to wherever your equipment is located and evaluate your product to meet your schedule requirement. We understand your need for urgency!

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Contact us by phone or email and let us know your requirements (both technical and schedule).

Send us as much information as possible (drawings, photos, manuals, etc.)

Our Team evaluates your product.

This starts with an initial documentation review followed by a site visit to inspect the equipment.

In some cases we are able to complete this step the same day of your request, but other times it may be a day or two depending on the logistics involved. In case there are findings which require correction, we can either wait while you fix them on the spot, or return when it is convenient for you.

Product Approval on the spot.

Products that are compliant with requirements will immediately be affixed with a label to signify approval.

Corresponding conformity certificates will be sent within a couple of hours of the approval by email.

The Attesta Approval Mark

Our signature monogram represents our assurance to you that every “t” has been crossed, every “i” has been dotted, and every box has been checked off.

Our marks of approval are authorized for use by the Standards Council of Canada.

CSA Field Evaluation

Complete System Approval

CSA Field Evaluation

Panel-Only Approval

  • Fast

    Completed on the spot if all requirements are met.

  • Low Cost

    A fraction of the cost of Certification.

  • Practical

CSA Field Evaluation

Requirements and Restrictions

field evaluation

Field Evaluation can only be used in applications which meet the following requirements:

  • Quantity of product to be approved must not exceed 500 per model per year in Canada (subject to additional quantity limits in some jurisdictions)
  • Cannot be used for products that involve Hazardous Locations
  • Cannot be used for components (i.e. products that need to be installed inside other products in order to become functional, such as switches, relays or other motor controllers which need to be installed in a control panel).
  • Cannot be any of the following:
    • Manlifts, elevators, climb assists
    • Wire and Cable products
    • Wiring devices
    • Medical Electrical Equipment and Services
    • Equipment connected to line voltage in excess of 46 kV

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Ready to talk to an expert?

We're always an email or a phone call away.

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